NBA Game Tracking Project: Volunteers Needed

I need some help. I have a really cool, interesting idea I’d like to make happen. The project is essentially this: I want to track the things the box-score doesn’t and the stuff that Synergy Sports- which I love- doesn’t cover or doesn’t cover exactly the way I’d prefer to see it done. I want to get some of the stuff the NBA teams are undoubtedly tracking out there for everyone to be able to read. In order to do track these things I need eyeballs. Maybe your eyeballs, if you’re interested. Oh and your brain, I’ll need that too. Well, you know what I’ll need your hands, too (for the data entry). If I can get enough volunteers, it should only require about 5 hours or so a week of your time. If you’re an NBA obsessive and want to learn more about your favorite game, tracking these things will be a lot of fun. Please contact me at or @nbacouchside on Twitter if you want in- time is sort of short before the season starts, so please get back to me as soon as possible if you’re interested. Thanks!

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